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Inspired to impress: 5 head-turning braided updos to rock in 2018

25 July 2018
head-turning braided updo
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We all love loose braids hanging down our back, just waiting to be flicked. But when you’re in need of a more refined hairstyle, turn your head towards braided updos. They’re an instant hair makeover that’ll class up your look. Try these on for size:

The Braided Double Bun

A youthful take on the single braided bun. Cornrows can be braided to the ends and the ends twisted down into two buns, or hanging loose braids (braids not plaited against the scalp) are thrown up and curled to form two top-knot buns. It really is the hairstyle that has never let anyone down. The two buns can be far apart for a cute mouse ears effect, or closer together to form a hair pom pom.  
Choosing the perfect hairstyle based on your neckline

Flat Twisted Updo 

The classiest updo in the braid game, the flat twisted updo is one of the best protective hairstyles for natural hair as it doesn’t pull on the hairline and keeps your ends tucked in. Cornrows begin on the hairline and are plaited towards the centre of the head, then the ends are tied and folded together.
Choosing the perfect hairstyle based on your neckline

Braided Mohawk

The shape of this mohawk style perfectly imitates the silhouette of a gladiator helmet. Its powerful and bold. Cornrows begin along the hairline around the whole head and are plaited inwards onto the scalp, the cornrows are plaited until they reach the middle parting that runs down the middle of the head. Then the ends of the cornrows will be used to attach a hairpiece. The hairpiece begins at the forehead hairline and is braided down the middle parting right down to the nape in a single straight mane.
Choosing the perfect hairstyle based on your neckline

Braided High Ponytail

Also known as the jumbo braid ponytail, this look comes straight from the slay queens who glamourised whipping their braided ponytail. This updo carries a ton of attitude and can be worn as a thick braid starting from a top knot or a top knotted side ponytail; just keep the tail straight and long. 
Choosing the perfect hairstyle based on your neckline

Half Braided Updo

When you don’t want to commit to a full updo, the half updo is the best way to get around it – it’s meant to resemble a gentle waterfall, with hanging braids and a “flat” front. The braids beginning at the hairline are gathered and twisted over each other, letting the rest of the hair fall casually down your back. 
Half Braided Updo

What’s awesome about these braided ‘dos is the variety of styles that can be explored. Loose styles work for informal occasions, and protective styles are to class it up when going formal. For better results, have a chat with your salon stylist who can recreate these bold looks for you in a snap.

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