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Choosing the perfect hairstyle based on your neckline

23 July 2018
Choosing the perfect hairstyle based on your neckline
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It’s your special night – you’ve chosen the right dress, your makeup is flawless and brows on fleek. Now, how do you decide what hairstyle to accompany your look? Examine the neckline of your outfit to steer you in the right direction. From dresses plummeting down to earth to delicate sweetheart necklines, your outfit determines the most suitable hairstyle.


The trick here is to even out the lines of the diagonal strap and use the silhouette of your hair to bring balance to the look. Long hair can be swept behind the shoulder or brought forward to the bare shoulder, opposite the one-sided strap.

High Collar/Halter

Whatever you do, just throw your hair up. With this style of collar, your neck appears shorter or non-existent (the unflattering “floating head” look), but an updo will help bring a sense of height to the whole arrangement. Your updo can be an elegant bun or an angelic halo braid. A halter dress can also allow for a long hanging braid or a high ponytail – just make sure to keep the neck area uncrowded and sleek.


The world is yours. This is the most complimentary for all hairstyles because the neckline is bare and doesn’t create any shapes around the hair, neck and shoulder area. Try playing with asymmetry to add interest. We suggest an angled bob for long-haired girls, or Bantu knots for those with shorter hair, to give any outfit an edgy strength.


Since the emphasis is on the chest area, hair should be kept back. A low ponytail tied at the nape would add sophistication and sleekness to your look. You can also do mid-parted, side-swept bangs over your face to keep over-friendly eyes a little higher up. Shorter hairstyles can let longer strands of hair hang casually down the face.


To show off the squared silhouette created by short spaghetti straps, do a half up, half down hairstyle. For braids, the half-up-half-down can be a flat twisted front with loose braids falling down your back. Long-haired goddesses can let hair fall down the back and pin it back in the centre.

Off the shoulder

The hair is best worn straight and, just like the neckline, off the shoulder and out of the way. This way it won’t compete with your neckline for attention. Princess curls running down your back would flatter this very romantic neckline. For short hair, a pixie cut would look feminine and sweet.


Since the bare back is the statement of the outfit, hair should never hide it. You want all your hair swept to the side or thrown up, so you can show off that daring back line. The best look is to bring all the hair in front of the shoulder and pose like a model looking back.

The right hairstyle creates beautiful and flattering shapes for your neckline. Consulting with your trusted hairstylist will ensure you get a customised look for a specific outfit to elongate your neck and accentuate your beauty.

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