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Medium-Length Hair

Workout looks for medium-length hair

22 November 2018
African woman in gym clothes with high bun
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When it comes to your hair and exercise, you normally want two things. First, your chosen gym hairstyle must keep your hair out the way so your strands don’t get all sweaty, and stick to your skin. (Because, gross!) Second, your chosen look should be quick and easy to achieve. You’re not at the gym to stand in the change room for an hour while you mess with your mane.


Okay, we admit there’s also a third element to consider. You want to look good.


A conventional ponytail may tick those first two requirement boxes but it’s also kinda dull. So, what can you do to inject a little style into your workout look – especially if you have medium-length hair? Here are five contemporary options that are stylish enough to see you through the rest of your day, too.


  1. Loose high braid

    If a ponytail has been your staple for a while, and you’re not feeling too adventurous, try a loose high braid to slightly mix things up. Basically, this style starts as a ponytail, then sees the “tail” below the hairband loosely braided (think big plump braids) before it’s capped off with another elastic. Make sure that second tie is tight to prevent the braid falling apart. P.S. Casually messy is all the rage!


  2. Messy top knot

    Another casually messy style is this fast and loose take on the top knot. Start with a very high ponytail at the crown of your head, and then wind the ponytail around its base before pinning. Finally, tug out a few strands from the top. A bonus of this gym style is that it really keeps your hair far out the way, which is great for yoga class with all its mat time.

  3. Hair scarf

    Keeping your hair back with a scarf or headband almost feels like cheating it’s so fast and easy. This said, it’s incredibly versatile. Change the thickness of your scarf or band to instantly refresh your look. Plus, it pairs well with whatever you choose to do with your hair – whether it’s just tying back your curls or complementing braids, buns and top knots.


  4. Mini double buns

    You don’t need loads of hair to pull off adorable mini buns, which sit on top of your head, to either side of your middle parting. As equally suitable for a music festival as spin class, this cute look can be achieved by twisting little pigtails around themselves and then tying them in place. Alternatively, if you have a little extra time, braid those pigtails before wrapping and securing them.


  5. Boxer braids

Also known as double French braids, boxer braids are as fierce as mini double buns are cute. To achieve this look, start by perfectly parting your hair down the centre. Then, create two French braids – one in each hair section, starting at your hairline and then gradually including more hair as you braid towards the back of your head. Tie off each end and pin them away if necessary – although with medium-length locks that probably won’t be necessary.
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