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Medium-Length Hair

Medium-length is magic with these hairstyles

05 October 2018
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Medium-length hair is so everyday – so in-between in every way – that it’s easy to forget its funky potential and just dismiss it as ordinary. But that’s not the case! Here are three contemporary medium-length cuts and styles to consider before your next salon visit.

The side flip

Yes, we know we said “contemporary,” but retro is all the rage. The 90s are asserting their style influence,right now in hair, which makes it a great time to relook the playful side flip. It involves a bit of parting retraining, sure, but it’s a perfect style pairing with medium-length, tightly-coiled hair – impactful without putting too much strain on your scalp. 

Shaggy beach waves

To avoid your hair just falling uniformly (and a bit boringly) around your face, break things up with a combination of curl and length variation. It’s a little messy at first glance, but choppy locks styled in open waves down to the shoulder are casual-looking and natural. Very much on-trend, they’re ideal for a low-key evening out or music festival day. 

The undercut combo

Yes, the undercut is back (again!), but its return is far subtler than before. Shaved at the nape of your neck, with medium-length hair that means the buzzed section is only noticeable when you tie up your locks. The undercut is as visible as you want it to be, and you can incorporate patterns and colour to make the look your own. As a bonus for women with thick hair, introducing an undercut element will help to lessen the weight of the hair on your head, and speed up drying time too.

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Medium-Length Hair

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