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Medium-Length Hair

A flattering shoulder-length style for every face shape

08 November 2018
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We’ve already outlined trendy short hair styles for every face shape.Here we’re helping you identify some complimentary, and very much contemporary, medium-length styles for every face shape. It’s your chance to stand head and, erm, shoulders, above the rest. 

Round face:

When it comes to round faces, the aim is always to draw attention away from your visage’s circular shape. A choppy lob (long bob) works well to elongate your face, as the human eye will be drawn to the shaggy, asymmetrical ends that extend to, and rest on, your shoulders.

Oval face:

Truthfully, women with oval faces have the freedom to try almost any style, as their face shape has the most eye-pleasing balance. If you have the length, play with your curls. A tapered updo, piling your coils on top your head is an always-striking option.

Square face:

Hair falling around the face helps to soften the 90-degree angles of a square face. Beach waves that start around the eyeline and continue to choppy, shoulder-length tips are especially useful at breaking up straight lines. Consider a slightly off-centre parting and avoid a blunt fringe.

Long / rectangular face:

Women with rectangular faces often have a pronounced forehead and sharply geometric features. So, we recommend the twist-out bob with its funky, retro vibes. Not only will its width draw emphasis away from the length of your face, an asymmetrical parting encourages a few curls to camouflage your brow. 

Heart-shaped face:

It may not sound particularly exciting at first mention, but a medium-length blunt cut may be one for you. The uniform length and volume all around, ending at your collar-bone, will draw attention away from the narrowness of your chin. Bonus points for being low maintenance too.

Still needing more on-trend inspiration? Speak to a stylist. Take some photo references when you head to the salon and prepare to have a frank discussion about your wants and hair habits, so you can receive the best professional advice.
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