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Why you need the low ponytail in your life

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20 September 2018
Why you need the low ponytail in your life : long black hair african women
The most timeless hairstyle for women must be the ponytail, for its suitability on all hairstyles and types – and we love how every few years there’s always a chic new way to wear it! Today’s favourite ponytail is tied low and has an effortless chic and sophisticated look to it. Even better, it’s low maintenance and universally flattering on all necklines, creating a pleasing an uninterrupted silhouette. Here are the top styles to pull it off.

Classic and Sleek

The classiest and most grown-up-glam style of the lot, this one lets the world know that you’re a boss to be taken seriously. This style is more often centre parted from the forehead to mid-section, or all the hair is brushed back and tied at the nape. Keep it modern by using gold hair cuffs to tie the hair, keeping it long and straight.
Why you need the low ponytail in your life : woman with long blonde hair in a ponytail

Texturised Ponytail

This old-school ‘90s style never went out of fashion and is ideal for natural hair. Keep the hair on the head slicked back until it reaches your ponytail. Even if your natural hair is thick and coiled, Natural Hair Goddesses shouldn’t be shy to amplify this look further by teasing the ponytail out with a brush for maximum volume. If you don’t want to tease your hair, you can use a clip-in texturised ponytail hairpiece instead.
Why you need the low ponytail in your life : women in red dress long black hair

Messy Low

Keeping with the theme of low maintenance, this style is the rolled-out-of-bed, messy version. It works on all hair types, and does wonders when slightly tousled with a few loose strands hanging around the face. If your hair is too short for a messy tie, use a long pin to secure a few strands at your nape and let the rest hang loose.
Why you need the low ponytail in your life : woman with blonde hair in a loose ponytail
Whether your hair is long and straight or short and curly, the low ponytail style will certainly suit your hair type, face shape, neckline, and lifestyle! Stick with your favourite one for a signature style or change it up for different occasions.
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