3 reasons why your hair won’t grow past a certain length
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Long hair exposed: the truth about why your hair won’t grow

17 July 2017
Stylist cutting long brown and straight hair
Nicole Vince

Nicole Vince

Hair journalist

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Your hair grows a measly half an inch every month. So even without the onslaught of other growth-stagnating factors, it’s no walk in the park to cultivating long locks. Thankfully, whether you’re recovering from bangs that didn’t work out the way you’d hoped or pining for endless tresses before your wedding day, French Kérastase expert hair stylist Matthieu Séguier has some tricks up his sleeve to enable you to edge closer to the quick-fire strands you crave.

#1 The main culprit: split ends

Split ends are the nemesis of long hair. This pesky by-product of damaged tresses is what you can unwillingly thank for seeing next to no progress after desperately abstaining from haircuts for several months, as they cause your strands to break off. “At some point or another, all strands form a breaking point, which looks like a small white tip - this is where the strand starts splitting”, Matthieu explains. “Once you spot them, it’s important that you snip them off as soon as possible, in order to prevent them from worsening”. There are also several preventative measures that you can take, which are detailed below.

#2 How to prevent split ends

1. Condition your strands

“The most important step to take if you’re trying to prevent breakage is to keep your hair sufficiently moisturized and conditioned. Doing this will prolong the time it takes for split ends to appear, as your strands will be strengthened”, Matthieu reveals. “This rings particularly true to afros - in fact, this hair type rarely grows long as the tight curls are much more fragile and break easily”.

Flawless hair tip: If you suffer from brittle locks, it is important to frequently use an intensely nourishing treatment on your hair in order to sidestep split ends, such as Mizani 25 Miracle Milk. Formulated especially for fragile hair, this leave-in conditioner provides an astounding 25 benefits for your tresses, including to help detangle without breakage, moisturize and protect it against heat damage.

2. Protect as well as color

Frequent coloring means that your hair is regularly subjected to oxidation. This causes disulfide bonds in the strand to break apart, which make up the protein that protects our hair from stress – keratin. It is therefore essential to use a protective additive in your hair coloring treatment, in order to maintain the strength of your tresses in the face of the discoloration process.

Flawless hair tip: Matthew Collins, international stylist and L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador, explains that using a protective product such as Smartbond by L’Oréal Professionnel during the coloring process will make sure that the health of your strands is not compromised on your journey to the shade you want, thanks to its protective additive. “With Smartbond, when I brushed the hair of client who I recently colored, only a tiny handful of strands are pulled out - the average amount that someone loses” Matthew explains. “Her hair maintained 100% of the integrity and it lightened exactly how I wanted it to - it’s perfect”.

3. No more roughhousing

Weight for weight, human hair may be as strong as aluminum, but it’s not resilient enough to swallow the daily aggressions that many of us expose our strands to. Excessive brushing – notably when wet – can invoke split ends, as it disrupts the wellbeing of the epidermis. Indeed, wet hair can stretch up to 25%, subjecting our tresses to immense strain and catalyzing breakage. The same goes for towel drying, too, so try providing your locks with some respite by allowing them to dry naturally from time to time.

Flawless hair tip: To facilitate your strands to bounce back in the face of wear and tear, use the Fiberstrong range from Matrix. At the ready to infuse your deprived hair capillaries with the protein and amino acids it needs, your unfavorable split ends will be warded off. Kick those bad hair habits and set yourself on the long-awaited path to long, luscious locks. It may not happen overnight, but persevere and your patience will be rewarded!

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