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Hair getting in your way? We’ve got a quick solve

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15 November 2018
tucked back long hair

As much as we love long, luscious locks, there are times when our Rapunzel-esque hair is bound to get in the way. The good news is that there’s currently a hairstyle trend that works wonders to tame your crowning glory when you need to. It’s called the hair tuck.


What is the hair tuck?


OK, so the hair tuck trend isn’t exactly new. It’s been on the runways since 2016, but this year almost everyone is doing it! It’s probably the simplest hairstyle you’ll ever learn how to do. In short, you pretty much tuck the length of your hair into whatever it is that you’re wearing. Think hair tucked in turtleneck dresses and tops, scarves, necklaces and coats.  If you’re feeling really daring, you can embrace the edgy side of this trend and tuck your hair into a zip tie!


Why we love it


The hair tuck trend is super practical for keeping your hair out of your face when it’s windy or when you’re trying to get things done while out and about. You can use it any time that you find your hair is annoying you. Plus, if it has been a while since your last visit to the salon and split ends are starting to make their presence known, the hair tuck can help conceal the evidence until you get it sorted.

We don’t think that this hairstyle could possibly be any easier or more convenient. Just tuck and go!

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