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Gym hacks for long hair

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23 November 2018
African woman in gym clothes with low pony tail and earphones

The summer months mean making yourself summer body-ready. And that means more time in the gym, or outside pounding the pavement. It’s already tough being a long-haired lass in the hotter months, with your mane looking great but probably making you feel uncomfortable. So how can you work out, get your hair out the way (so you don’t feel like you need to wash it every day) and still look good? We have some strategies for you.

Don’t overdo the caps

Resist the lure of wearing a cap while you work out. Even if the design looks breathable, it’s going to get hot and sweaty under there. A far better alternative is to use an exercise-friendly headband to keep your hair back off your face. Make sure the band you choose is made from a fabric that wicks away moisture and sits securely, but not too tightly.

Mix up your exercise routine

Find that your long hair is getting too sweaty too often? And you don’t always have time for a full post-gym hair wash? Save your tresses from a drenching by introducing more variety into your workout routine. You don’t have to go flat-out every day. Alternate a hectic spin class with yoga or pole fitness, for example.

Dry shampoo isn’t the answer. Try this instead

You may have heard people recommending the use of dry shampoo after a gym session. The product isn’t meant for damp, sweaty hair though – it’s supposed to go on dry locks otherwise you’ll end up with an ugly residue. A far better idea is to give your hair a plain water rinse and let it air-dry (if you have time; alternatively use a hairdryer on low heat), followed by an application of a lightweight leave-in conditioner to give you some control. We recommend multi-benefit Mizani 25 Miracle Milk, which is suitable for all hair types and comes in a handy bottle format. Find this professional product at your nearest salon stockist.

Try these styles

Braids are a practical and stylish option that will see you through your workout and beyond. Try pigtails, or double braids, which you can leave loose, or pin to the back of your head. Alternatively, give an upside-down braid a go, where you bend over and start braiding your hair from the nape of your neck. Plait until you reach your crown and end with a casually messy top knot. A further bonus of braids? They’re really good at camouflaging damp, sweaty hair.

Braids are a practical and stylish option that will see you through your workout and beyond.

Rocky Bukasa South African Mizani Education Developer Instructor

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