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Goddess braids - How to get this heavenly look

30 July 2018
Goddess braids - How to get this heavenly look
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If you’re all about feminine power, then goddess braids are begging to be your crowning glory. They are a lavish way to protect your growing hair while looking fly. Goddess braids are the straightback cornrows you know and love, but bigger and more angular. We mean the thickest oversized tracks to fit you like a queen. Here are the best styles: 

Goddess Bun

Probably the most popular type of goddess braid because of its staying power and suitability for longwear. This protective style sees thick tracks braided onto the scalp from the hairline towards the centre of the hair, leaving the ends rotated into a bun. Decorate your bun with golden clips for extra glam.    
Goddess braids - How to get this heavenly look

Gradient Goddess

Also known as growing goddess braids, this hair starts at a narrow point from the hairline and then gradually increases in width as it moves up the head. The result is these beautiful angular formations, a fitting throwback to our artistic African roots. It’s a genius take on scale and illusion. 


Goddess braids - How to get this heavenly look

Snaking Goddess

This style is like a piece of art that takes the form of curling shapes. It’s made with thick tracks as the focal point, with thinner tracks braided in between each row. All the tracks move in an S-curve, snaking around your head from the right side, ending under your left ear or in a tight bun. This snaking can also form a spiralling curve if the thickness of the braids begins closer to the hairline.

Goddess braids - How to get this heavenly look

Dual Feed in Goddess

Two tracks of thick braids that begin at the centre of the hairline and move down in opposite directions to meet at the nape. Finally, the ends are twisted together to form a sweet-heart-shaped bun

A top tip to keep in mind is to remember that these braids are thicker than your usual, so your hairline needs extra protection. Mizani educator and stylist Rocky Bukasa says, “Take care of your edges by keeping them moisturised with a nourishing, taming product like Mizani 25 Miracle Milk. This will maintain the hair’s ability to hold the braids in suspension and ease the tension on your hairline, avoiding breakage.”.

Goddess braids - How to get this heavenly look
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