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Five modern ways to wear a ponytail

17 August 2018
Five modern ways to wear a ponytail ; woman with hair ponytail
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A ponytail is the most versatile hairstyle in your arsenal. You will never run out occasions to wear one (or several at the same time). However, the cute little knot you wore at school won’t do when you’re a working woman. The hairstyle needs a modern twist to give those little girl pigtails a womanly glow-up that’s both glamorous and fuss-free. Modernise your knot with these styles.

Triple Tie Ponytail

Three ties in a ponytail. Yes, three ties in three different areas. The hair is sectioned into three parts: the back of the head, the nape and hair hanging down the back. The first band is tied at the back of the head and hair is left to fall. The same hair is then gathered at the nape and the second hairband is tied. The final band is added to the rest of the hair falling down the back. The look is a smart-casual-chic version of the classic.

Five modern ways to wear a ponytail :woman with Triple Tie Ponytail

Twisted Cuffed Ponytail

The hair cuff doubles as a glam accessory for this modern ponytail. You can choose a tough-gripping leather cuff that runs the length of the ponytail, or a short thick metallic gold cuff. Hair is gathered from both sides of the head and twisted the full length, then the cuff is fastened at the nape and he loose strands gently teased out.

Five modern ways to wear a ponytail : Woman with brown hair ponytail

Braided Side Ponytail

This look is as far from the schoolyard pony as you can get. To make it more grown up, hair is swept to one shoulder. Then, beginning at the hairline, the hair is braided its full length, going above or over the ear, and down the shoulder until the ends. The hair is then tied below the ear to keep the braid in place and brought to rest over the shoulder for a casual but modern look.

Five modern ways to wear a ponytail : woman with Braided Side Ponytail

Curly High Ponytail

Ultra-feminine with an edgy twist. This style works best for curled hair of medium length. The hair is tied up with a stiff hairband or a hair cuff into a top knot. Then, the ponytail is pulled in all directions to tighten the bind and lets it cascade around the head, with the curls just tickling the sides of the cheeks.

Five modern ways to wear a ponytail : woman with Curly High Ponytail

Bushtail Ponytail

Thicker textured hair will thrive with this style. Hair is parted into a left and right side from the hairline and brushed into a smooth and straight low ponytail. Then, a brush is used in an upwards motion to tease and thicken the tail into a bush. It’s a classic old-school look that’s far from school girl.

Five modern ways to wear a ponytail : woman with Bushtail Ponytail

Keep your ponytail effortless and smooth. To maximise your modernised ponytail, be sure to use hair ties that double as hair accessories. Also remember not to tighten ponytails too tightly, or they could cause damage to the delicate hair shaft.

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