DNA braids: What they are and why we love them

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DNA braids: What they are and why we love them

14 November 2018
blonde DNA braid
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Looking to embrace a new style of braids for every type of women – one that looks great on anyone with longer hair? Then you’ll love the latest hairstyle trend to hit the fashion and Insta world – DNA braids! These braids are as impressive as they sound. The good news is that once you get the hang of them they’re quite simple to recreate.


But wait… what are DNA braids?


Remember grade eight science class? DNA braids basically resemble the helix-shape of a piece of DNA and they’ve come about as a result of a rather intricate braiding technique. If you’re already quite experienced when it comes to braiding hair, you’ll probably pick it up a lot faster than a braiding newbie. Fear not, though. It looks a lot more complicated than it really is.

These braids are as impressive as they sound.

Candice Hamer

How it’s done


The gist of the DNA braid lies in separating your hair into three different sections, just as you would with any other traditional French and African hair braiding style. From there, take a strand from the left section, cross it over, bring it under the middle section and add it to the right side of your hair. Repeat the process, this time starting with the right section. Do your best to remain as consistent as possible, keeping the hair tight while braiding.

Trust us when we tell you that you’ll be turning heads with your new DNA braids everywhere you go! People won’t be able to stop commenting on how incredible and bang on-trend you look. Well, what can you say? It’s in your DNA!
red hair with braid
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