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Three hair products you should (secretly) borrow from your girlfriend

23 July 2018
Three hair products you should (secretly) borrow from your girlfriend : man with natural hair
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African hair for men is special and super sexy – especially when it’s well looked after. So, it’s a shame that most guys opt for minimal maintenance and don’t let their strands reach their full potential. In our African brothers’ defence, perhaps men are not as schooled on how to take care of hair. You’re going to change that, though, and we’re here to help! Dig into your girlfriend’s treasure trove of hair care products, because the following will work on your manly hairstyle just as well as it works on hers. You want the same healthy-looking hair too, don’t you?

Three hair products you should borrow from your girlfriend: man washing hair

1. Shampoo – Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture-Replenishing Shampoo


African hair is usually quite dry by nature and lacks elasticity, which makes it prone to breakage. This is why over-washing is a mistake. Washing is necessary to keep hair clean, of course, but at the same time, you need to allow the strands to retain their coating of much-needed natural oils. If your partner is using the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture-Replenishing Shampoo with naturally nourishing ingredients like mango oil, now’s the time to ask if you can borrow it.



Three hair products you should (secretly) borrow from your girlfriend: African man washing hair

2. Conditioner – Mizani True Textures® Moisture Replenish Hair Conditioner



It’s one thing to take skincare tips from the ladies, but getting their advice on your haircare is something else. We know, we know. Conditioning your hair may sound unnecessary and unmanly. But do you know how important moisture is for natural African hair? Conditioner not only nourishes, but it helps to restore hair too, so there’s nothing to lose here. Get your hands on professional-standard Mizani True Textures® Moisture Replenish Hair Conditioner infused with natural oils – and you’ll notice the difference.



3. Treatment – Mizani Supreme Oil Satin Crème Moisturizing Hair Mask

If dry, brittle hair continues to be a problem, then it’s time to undergo a good treatment. Your GF already loves the smooth softness that Mizani Supreme Oil Satin Crème Moisturizing Hair Mask provides, so why not give it a try too? It will make your hair look great and make it more manageable at the same time, thanks to its rich oils, including two of nature’s best – jojoba and argan.



Keeping up to date with the latest men’s hair trends will help prep you on what to look out for when scouting your lady’s side of the bathroom cabinet. If using women’s beauty products is not your cup of tea, no sweat, there are also must-have hair products for men as well as a range of hair and beard care products for African guys.



If you don’t love what your partner’s products have done for your hair, fess up. Nobody, and we mean nobody, can resist healthy, shiny tresses! Be sure to keep an eye on your bae’s hair products, and maybe volunteer to restock them when they “mysteriously” start running low. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with us!


Three hair products you should (secretly) borrow from your girlfriend: African man with product
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