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Should you wash your beard? What the experts think

02 October 2018
Should you wash your beard? What the experts think [MEN'S TOPIC] : man being splashed with water
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It may seem like a no-brainer that every time you wash your hair, you wash your beard too. And if you’re someone who washes their hair every day, your facial hair is lucky enough to receive the same treatment, right? Wrong. Turns out, there are several factors that dictate just how often you should scrub-a-dub that facial mane, and we’ve listed them all below.

Beard Type

Short Beard

If you’re one to keep your facial hair short and neat, you’re in luck! Choosing to do this means that you’re able to treat your beard in the same way as you would the hair on your head. We’re talking about frequency of washing and the products you use. Redken’s Regional Education Developer, Richard Nienaber weighs in: “Short beards consist of newer, damage-free hair as oppose to longer hair that needs nurturing.” So, it makes sense that not as much care and attention is required. Before jumping into the shower, brush your beard to loosen any dead skin cells – that way you’ll effectively wash them off during your cleansing routine.

Long Beard

As you probably would’ve guessed from the above, lads with medium to long-haired beards should pay a bit more attention when it comes to your cleansing routine. In this case, washing your beard daily is not a good idea as it’s very drying. “If the beard is extremely long and coarse, I would suggest conditioning it every second or third shampoo,” says Nienaber. “Redken All Soft Conditioner will be great here, as the argan oil will soften the beard, giving it the control it needs.” As you would with a short beard, make sure to loosen those dead skin cells with a beard brush before you shower, even when you’re not planning on shampooing your beard. 

Skin Type

Oily Skin

Those of you prone to oily skin should consider washing your beard more frequently to prevent any buildup in your pores. 

Dry Skin

To prevent your skin from drying out even further, those with this kind of skin type should only be washing their beard 2 to 3 times a week. 

Combination Skin

Because your skin is prone to both oiliness and dryness, we recommend washing it 3 to 4 times a week. This can be altered depending on how your skin begins to feel.

The products you use will also largely dictate how often to wash your beard and there ain’t nothing wrong with investing in a beard-grooming kit for that matter. For the meantime, consider the above before you reach for the shampoo, and take pride in knowing your facial hair is soon to be on point!
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