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Love it or hate it, the man bun is here to stay! Here’s your ultimate guide

20 March 2019
Caucasian man with man bun
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Want to feel personally victimised at your next family gathering? Wear a man bun hairstyle! Yep, it’s one of those long hairstyles for men trends that’s divided the world. Half of us seem to love the look, while the other half cannot bear it. As seen on many celebrities, sports stars and your standard hipster, man bun styles, it seems, are here to stay whether you like them or not!


If you’re a fan of this hairstyle for men and have the guts to give it a go - here are a few dos and don’ts about how to do a man bun…


When not to wear a man bun

  • If you have a defined, angular bone structure, a man bun top knot is not recommended. A top knot will only elongate your face and make your features appear even more pronounced. A low-slung man bun is the better approach for the longer face, and with a man bun and beard – you’re good to go!
  • If you have overly thin hair, a man bun is a no-go, unfortunately. In general, long hair is not a good look for men with thin hair. So it’s best to keep it short and trim!
  • Likewise, if you have incredibly thick or unruly hair. While a man bun may still look good, it can be a real pain to keep in place. Very thick hair can make your face look too rounded, so the addition of a man bun could, quite possibly, make your head look oversized.
Caucasian man with man bun and beard

How to grow your hair for a man bun


Depending on the length of your hair to begin with, you’re going to need at least 6 months to a year to grow out enough hair for this popular men’s hairstyle. You’ll need to grow your hair to around mid-neck/shoulder length for a perfectly styled man bun.


To encourage your hair to grow faster, go for regular trims! This sounds counterproductive, we know, but regularly trimming your hair encourages faster growth. Avoid split ends (an epic fail for man buns) and wash your hair every second or third day. Afterwards, use a nourishing hair oil with ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil or coconut oil.


How to style a man bun


Step 1: Place a hair band around your wrist. Beginning at your temples, brush the top section of your hair back, away from your face. Brush your hair to the level you want your man bun to sit, whether this is a low bun or a top knot.

Step 2: Hold this top section of your hair with one hand in place. Then use your free hand and gather up the rest of your loose hair until it’s all gathered into one hand.

Step 3: Grab your hair band off your wrist and pull your hair through it. On your last pull through, only take your hair half-way through the hair band to create the ‘bun’. And, you’re done!

Caucasian man with man bun and beard
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