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Living your best loc life

19 September 2018
Living your best loc life [MEN'S TOPIC] : african man short dreads
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There are some common misconceptions when it comes to dreadlocks – primarily that they’re a dirty, no-upkeep style. Guys, this couldn’t be further from the truth, so don’t let your appearance fulfill those assumptions! 

Sure, dreadlocks require arguably less maintenance than other hairstyles, but they do still need some tender love and care to keep them looking healthy. You don’t want dirt, bad smells or, worse, mould and rot to get the better of your loc life, do you? You should aim for great, not gross, and here’s how. 

Keep things clean

Washing your dreads is the first step to keeping them nice and healthy. There’s no need to overdo it – professionals suggest a thorough cleanse at least once every two weeks. Use Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo to get those locks nice and clean.   

Don’t forget the moisture

Though it’s not explicitly required, after being washed, many dreadlock styles can benefit from a follow-up moisture routine with the likes of Mizani True Textures® Moisture Replenish Conditioner, to stop them feeling wiry and brittle. Alternatively, if you want a substitute for conditioner, to alleviate build-up or a weighed-down look, you can’t go wrong with Mizani Supreme Oil. Simply apply the lightweight formula to your scalp and massage it gently into your hair. 

Ensure everything is dry

Whenever your hair gets wet, make sure there’s no trapped unwanted moisture sitting there for hours, and you won’t become a victim of smelly dreads! Air drying is fine – if you have the time – but if you don’t, a quick blow-dry on a low heat setting will get those dread styles moisture-free. 

Keep things rolling

One of the best habits you can work into your routine is the simple act of rolling. This ensures that your dreads keep their shape, and that any unexpected loose strands and bumps are eliminated. Put the root of the lock between your palms and rub back and forth all the way to the end. 

Putting the dreads to bed

Imagine you follow every instruction to the tee, only to have your perfectly healthy dread style dismantled just by going to bed. To prevent that, use a protective style before going to sleep – be sure to tie your locks back if they’re short, or wrap them with a soft scarf so that they can keep their shape. 

See? Dreadlocks are anything but no-maintenance, but a little care does go a long way! They don’t require intense work to look great. 

If you do find that you’re struggling to nail your desired look, however, be sure to visit your preferred hair salon. The experts will offer all the guidance you need, as well as offer recommendations to ensure that you do indeed live your best loc life!

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