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Head hair vs facial hair - What's the difference?

27 August 2018
Head hair vs facial hair - What's the difference? [Men's topic]  : african male dreads beard
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When it comes to washing your head and facial hair, if you have a tendency to grab any shampoo (or bar of soap!) you find in the bathroom and use it on both, you need a change of habits. The hair on your head is different to the hair on your face, and therefore needs different care and treatment. So yes, they need a different set of hair products, too. If you care about keeping that precious ‘stache or burly beard well-groomed and soft, here’s what you need to know.

Head hair

The hair on your head is known as terminal hair and begins growing when you’re born. This hair tends to be oilier than facial hair because the skin making up the scalp is rich in hair follicles that produce more natural oils to keep the scalp moisturised. Head hair is also finer in texture, and, depending on genetics, can grow either straight or curly according to the shape of the follicle.

Facial hair

Thick, noticeable facial hair is, as we all know, characteristically male, and linked to the testosterone your body produces, especially during puberty. You’ll notice that the feel of facial hair is thicker and coarser than your head hair and tends to naturally grow in a coiled pattern. The growth cycle lasts a few months before natural shedding happens, which is why it grows faster than head hair.

What to use

Many men believe using the same product (typically a shampoo) for head hair will suffice for facial hair. Erase this belief from your mind if you want to avoid irritation and keep your beard looking awesome. Soap bars and hair shampoo often contain detergents, which can strip your beard hair of natural oils and lead to shedding, dryness and itching. Meanwhile, head hair requires the use of shampoos and conditioners to keep it clean and moisturised while gently removing excess oil and impurities. Luckily, the bearded trend has taken off worldwide, and there are now specialised products to use, such as conditioning oils, styling balms and cleansing beard-specific shampoos.

Whether you’re grooming your Instagram-worthy beard or trying to keep your scruff clean, remember to use the right products for the right type of hair. One example, new to South Africa, is Redken Brews – a professional-quality range of care and styling products for men’s head and facial hair. With the right care regime, your beard will be soft and manageable instead of rough and coarse, with both the strands and the skin underneath perfectly cared for.

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