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Hair and beard care for African guys

19 March 2019
African man shaving facial hair
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Hell yeah, African men can rock a beard! However, growing facial hair as a darker skinned dude does present some challenges that white guys just don’t have. Although proper grooming is essential for any beard type, an African beard requires special care. Here’s the low-down:



Ingrown hairs


Although all men may suffer from occasional ingrown hairs, African men are more prone to them. African facial hair is typically coarser and coiled, which makes it more likely to curl back on itself and grow into the skin. Growing a beard actually helps with ingrown hairs, as it’s the act of shaving that causes them. But, if you’re planning on using a razor to shape and groom your beard, you’ll need to take care.


Keep your facial skin squeaky clean with Redken Brews Cleansing Bar, pH balanced to prevent dryness and discomfort. When shaving, use products for sensitive skin such as Redken Brews Shave Cream and Redken Brews After Shave - both contain soothing aloe vera to reduce irritation from shaving.


Products that moisturise your beard and nourish your skin can help develop more uniform beard growth.

Richard Nienaber National Education Manager Redken and Pureology South Africa


Dry beard hair and patchy growth


Ethnic hair is typically very dry, and you may find that your beard is patchy. You use the best hair products for the African hair on your head, so do the same for your African beard. Products that moisturise your beard and nourish your skin can help to develop more uniform beard growth.


Wash your beard once a week (or whenever you wash your hair) with Redken Brews Mint Shampoo. This soothing, cooling formula is great for itchy, dry skin beneath your beard and also contains strengthening malt extract. Follow up with Redken Brews Beard Oil. This moisturising product contains natural avocado and olive fruit oil to condition your skin and beard hair.



Slow to grow and prone to tangle


African beards are notoriously slow to grow. Using a high-quality beard oil can help, although you will need to have patience. The coarseness of the hair, combined with coiling growth, means that an African beard gets easily twisted and knotted. To prevent breaking the hair, African hair care for your beard requires a gentle touch. Use a comb with wide, smooth teeth to detangle and spread beard oil throughout your beard.

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