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Guys, when should you worry about hair loss?

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21 November 2018
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Keep calm and carry on. Hair loss is a natural process, affected by a number of factors like genetics and shedding cycles.You can actually lose up to 100 hairs a day and that’s perfectly normal. And then there are times when hormonal change (admittedly more common in women); stress; and changes in health (rapid weight loss or intense fevers) can ramp up the shedding. Again, that’s nothing out of the ordinary.


The big issue is when the loss of hair is no longer cyclical – in other words the lost hairs don’t grow back, or they grow back slower than they’re falling out. Of course, the loss of hair in men is so common there’s even a term for it: male pattern baldness. Women can experience pattern baldness too, although it shows in a different way, through thinning, especially around partings. With men, this hair loss – which tends to be concentrated in certain areas, in the same pattern – shows as a receding hairline and thinning at the crown. It is a hereditary condition, and is responsible for 95% of hair thinning in guys.


Just note that male pattern baldness is different from alopecia, where the body’s immune system suddenly turns on hair follicles, causing strands to fall out in random clumps. Alopecia affects men and women equally (one in 1000 people will be affected) and is most commonly seen in people below the age of 30 (at least in terms of the first attack). Consulting with a doctor in the case of alopecia will help as medical professionals can prescribe a medication to offset the flare-ups.


Doctors will also be able to advise in terms of male pattern baldness, although if you are seeing its effects, know that 25% of men start balding before the age of 30. You are not alone.


Although you can’t fight your genetics, you can safeguard the hair you do have by adopting healthy haircare habits. For example, if you have longer hair, avoid wearing overly tight styles that put strain on strands and scalp. Also, that laissez faire attitude to products you use on your hair has to end. No more bar soap or bodywash. Professionally-developed shampoos and conditioners for men – like the Redken Brews range – will clean and condition without stripping strands of their oils and leaving them brittle.


Hair loss is going to happen, but with some behaviour changes you can minimise unnecessary breakage and shedding.


And remember: if you’re ever worried about your hair loss, talk to a professional – either a doctor or a stylist.

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