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Beards and facial hair: Best professional products for a perfectly dapper look

23 July 2018
Beards and facial hair: Best professional products for a perfectly dapper look _MEN
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Oils, shampoos and balms – there is certainly no shortage of beard care products on the market. But, why do beards need specialised care products? Surely, we can use the same products on our facial hair as we do on our heads? Hair is hair, no matter where it grows on the body, right? Wrong – there are clear differences, and so care requires a different approach, too.

To maintain a healthy beard, investment in carefully selected products is important. That means you need to consider everything from oils, cleansers, balms and even your choice of brush, all of which can impact the overall look and feel of facial hair.


With a notably wiry texture, facial hair is thicker than hair grown from the scalp (otherwise known as terminal hair) – an area that tends to be oilier than the face. Products designed to manage the oils of terminal hair are too harsh to use on facial hair and skin. Beards need a gentle cleanser, or the result may be a dry and itchy beard, which nobody wants.

Beard Oil

Beard oils are an important step on your journey to beard health. Massage a few drops of Redken Brews Beard Oil into your beard to condition the hair and moisturise the skin underneath for a softer, better-looking beard. Remember to add it before doing a comb-through.


Beards require the occasional brushing, in fact, it’s good for your facial hair – provided you don’t over brush and cause damage like split ends. Beard combs and brushes are constructed from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, metal and boar hair. Pick one that smooths out the hairs of the beard while massaging the skin underneath to stimulate those follicles.


Beard balms typically contain shea butter and oils with the goal of conditioning, softening and styling facial hair. These leave-in products can also boost growth and will seal vital moisture into each strand for optimal results.

Looking dapper from head to toe means paying close attention to your grooming ritual – using the right products and a good understanding of what a beard needs to always look its best.

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