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Up your game with these expert colour tips for updos

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27 March 2019
woman with blonde hair in loose bun

Let’s get real, sisters. While updos are super snazzy for special events like weddings – they have a way of exposing imperfections. These hairstyles are slick and elegant, yet don’t offer the protection of hair covering your flaws. Here are tips from industry professionals on how to handle this:




The difference between a pro and DIY in almost any industry is knowledge and skills. Living in this digital world, you can arm yourself with how-to video tutorials and so much more. Here are 2 of our fave updo hairstyles and trending colour techniques from the experts.

woman with chignon



This hair dye technique has Insta beauty bloggers feeling all sorts of happy. As the name suggests, fine strands of hair are delicately coloured to create a gorgeous natural beauty effect. The intent is not to cover up your entire base colour but to add subtle, natural-looking highlights.



Pixelated hair


This sizzling trend is one of those rad advancements that have us twirling in delight. Experts recommend this fashion-forward technique particularly for buns and other updos because it commands the viewer’s gaze. You never need to worry about eyes wandering along to those imperfections. Pixelated hair is like a “hair tattoo” or a cool technique whereby a pixelated imprint – in one or several colours – is placed on your hair.


There’s so much you can do to up your game with colour tips for updo hairstyles. Don’t limit yourself to just the popular tried-and-tested stuff. Keep connected for more slaying looks from global international trendsetters, experts and influencers.

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