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Transition back to your natural hair colour the safe way

12 December 2018
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The beauty of being a woman in this day-and-age is that you can transform your appearance as you see fit. One way of doing this is by colouring your hair. However, if you miss your natural hair colour after the dying frenzy, don’t fret. There’s always healthy hair dye for natural hair as well as several other options to switch back to your natural colour with or without dying it.


Grow out the dyed colour

Waiting for your hair to naturally grow back to its original shade may initially seem like the way to go. However, this isn’t always practical if there’s a harsh demarcation line distinguishing your natural hair colour from the coloured hair.


If you’re set on growing it out and are willing to live with a couple of centimetres of visible hair roots, then balayage highlights may be your way out. Balayage is a highlighting technique that involves hand-painting to help your natural hair roots fade into your dyed ends.


Go for shorter hair

Natural alternatives to hair dye include visiting your stylist to consider a short and trendy hairstyle while you wait for nature to bring back your natural hair colour. There are many short hairstyles that suit this completely natural option of waiting for your hair strands to grow.


Remove the hair colour

What if you neither want to wait for your hair to regrow nor cut your hair? Then a visit to your trusted stylist is a must – they should be able to fast-track the removal of unwanted tones.


Whether you choose one of these options or opt for a gentle, natural herbal hair dye or all-natural hair dye, you’ve got to treat your hair with respect. Your hair is your crowning glory and is worthy of the best care, while you have the right to look fabulous in whatever colour you choose.

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