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Shadow roots are saving the day… and looking cool

31 October 2018
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Nothing quite beats the goddess-like feeling you get from sporting a head of freshly-coloured hair. Unfortunately, in about 6 weeks’ time, there’s no getting away from the fact that you’ll be heading back to the salon to cover up those over-eager, “unsightly” roots all over again. Unless you embrace the new hair trend called “shadow roots,” that is. Looking for new hair colour ideas? Look no further. This one’s bound to turn heads. 

What are shadow roots?

 Shadow roots refer to a new highlighting trend that incorporates your roots into your look, removing the urgency to hide them away as your visit to the salon approaches. It’s all about blending a contrasting colour into your roots (preferably a tone closer to your natural hair colour). This creates a shadow effect as the shade fades into the rest of your hair. It helps make roots less of an eyesore and more of an art! 

How do I get shadow roots?

Wondering how to shadow root hair? Don’t try this at home. Head to a hair care professional. With many years of experience, they will have the expertise necessary to “tap” the colour into the roots instead of painting it on. It is also recommended to choose a semi-permanent colour instead of permanent colour when doing shadow roots. This will help create a subtler aesthetic. 

Make it your own

Who says you must stick with honey blondes and chocolate browns when it comes to shadow root colour? Get creative by using vibrant rainbow hues – pastel pinks and blues are all the rage now!

If you’re tired of worrying about your roots and you’re also keen to try something new, shadow roots are the solution for you. Rest assured, this hair colour trend is here to stay!
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