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Questions to ask your stylist BEFORE dyeing your hair

25 July 2018
Questions to ask your stylist BEFORE dyeing your hair
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So, you’ve booked a colour consultation because you’re keen to embrace the latest, greatest colour trend to hit Instagram. But before you do, there are a few important questions you should ask your stylist. You’ll want to be absolutely sure about things like colour choice, while clearly understanding the necessary upkeep your new ‘do will require. Hair colouring is a science… In fact, it’s an art. That’s why we recommend you get these hair colour questions answered BEFORE dyeing your hair…

What kind of maintenance does this colour require?

This is likely one of the most important questions you can ask your stylist before taking a colour plunge. Many trending and dramatic colour creations require a large amount of maintenance. Deciding on a shade is only half the battle and if you’re going to choose quick-fading colours like red or silver, you must be willing to invest both time and money.

How can I maintain my new colour from home?

Once you’re sure about the shade, it’s important to learn about the products you’ll need to preserve the shine and vibrancy of your new hair colour. There’s a good chance your stylist will tell you to invest in a shampoo designed to prolong the hair colour’s lifespan.

Will this dye take to my hair type?

The typical lifespan of a dye is dependent on the type of hair to which it is applied, and as a result you will find some colours hold well, while others buy the express ticket out of town. This information is good to know before a single drop of colour hits your mane, as it will affect the overall amount of upkeep.

Is there risk of irritation to my skin?

Hair dye formulas are in a constant state of evolution and contain a variety of ingredients, which react differently for everyone and do have the potential to cause skin irritation on some. So, any stylist worth their salt will tell you that doing a patch test is a must.

While you have the attention of a professional stylist, ask as many questions as you can. This is the time to get all your hair colour questions answered.

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