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Pink lemonade hair is the new colour trend to try

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16 August 2018
Pink lemonade hair is the new colour trend to try : woman with Pink lemonade hair

The pink lemonade hair trend has left the station. Having taken Instagram by storm, the light pink hair dye is now set to be the fun, feminine, new hair shade sassy women everywhere will try in the upcoming year. Summery and refreshing, much like the beverage from which it was named, pink lemonade hair can be described as a pastel-hued blush with slight yellow or peach tints.

How to Wear It

We’ve seen a number of people rocking the look in different ways. From light pink all-round, to ombre and magenta roots, this trend allows you to be a little bit cheeky and explore different colouring techniques. The exact shade differs from person to person, allowing a range of tones, and let’s face it, pink hair is everything! That means you could opt for unusual shades like dusty or metallic options – pink is your playground! Consider booking a colour consultation with your nearest professional stylist to discuss the possibilities and address the important questions to ask your stylist before dying your hair.

What it Entails

The steps taken to achieve the look may vary considerably depending on the hair you arrive with. Naturally, a darker mane will require more time in the chair than hair that’s naturally light, and will likely have to be stripped in order for the pale pink hair colour to hold. As for upkeep, we suggest using cool or lukewarm water when washing as hot water can cause colour to fade in a hurry. Additionally, it is recommended that you limit washing to once or twice a week to ensure the dye stays put for as long as possible, and whatever you do, steer clear of box colours and DIY tinting – you want to turn heads for the right reason.

Love the trend as much as we do? Visit a salon to get the unique soft pink hair colour treatment. A professional stylist will be able to help you execute the stylish look correctly. Locate your nearest stylist using our Salon Locator tool. Click here now.

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