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Learn the lingo: Demystifying hair jargon

23 July 2018
Learn the lingo: Demystifying hair jargon
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Deciphering how to style, colour and treat your own hair is difficult enough, never mind trying to figure out what every trendy new look is called. And let’s be honest, one faux pas could result in you walking out with mermaid hair instead of a simple ombre. So, for your own sanity and our self-appointed mission to save your precious locks, we’re decoding that colour jargon scattered across the net for your convenience.

Balayage: This involves hand-painting highlights into the hair for a more subtly natural look. In other words, no foils are required, and, in turn, regrowth is far less noticeable.

Learn the lingo: Demystifying hair jargon

Bronde: This colour technique fuses brown and blonde for a fresh look that accentuates one colour in the light, and the other when it’s dark.

Learn the lingo: Demystifying hair jargon

Contrasting roots: This look involves the transformation from brunette to blonde where the roots are left in their natural, or a darker, colour.

Eclipting: This is when the base of your hair is dark and highlights are strategically placed in specific sections.

Grombre: Built on the idea of ombre, this look goes from dark grey at the roots down to the mid-shaft, to a paler shade of grey at the ends.

Mermaid hair: This is achieved by blending multiple pastel and/or ocean colours onto the hair for, you guessed it, a mermaid look.

Learn the lingo: Demystifying hair jargon

Ombre: Here, colour is darker at the roots through to the middle of your hair. It gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.

Pearlescent Hair: As its name suggests, this look includes multitoned pastel shades (pearl, soft blues and pinks) blended together and finished with a shell-like mother-of-pearl sheen.

Petrol hair: Oil-slick hair, or petrol hair, involves layering shades of blue, purple and green over dark hair, so that the colours don’t show up as bright.

Watermelon hair: Again, it’s in the name. This look is a combination of bright green at the top and electric pink at the end, for a truly fruity feel.

That’s quite a lot to process, right? At least now you have one source to refer to when you’re in hair crisis mode. For more trends and their meanings, speak to a professional stylist – they’ll have the low-down for sure!

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