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Highlight techniques to hide regrowth

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17 August 2018
Highlight techniques to hide regrowth: woman with blown out hair

Regrowth is a hair colour woe almost all of us have experienced. The good news is, not only are there new techniques for hiding grown-out roots, these styles are super trendy right now, with women opting for these looks more and more every day! We’re exploring a few of our favourites that embrace and disguise regrowth at the same time.

Oh, So Ombre

Ombre refers to the transition from dark hair to lighter strands towards the end of your hair. The technique works best for brunettes with dark roots, allowing you to play with colours slightly darker than your own hair, or a slightly bolder blonde look, for the ends. Often an ombre requires you to bleach the lower portion of your hair, applying dye once complete to avoid an orange, brassy look. The result? A beautiful blend of colours that doesn’t require any touch up to your roots.

Highlight techniques to hide regrowth:woman with blonde ombre

Boldly Balayage

While similar to its transitioning counterpart, balayage involves colouring only select sections of the lower portion of your hair, giving it more of a natural blend. The darker pieces of hair are left untouched at the roots, as well as some strands at the bottom, creating shimmering dimension and a golden hue. This look is also less maintenance than ombre, and can be left to grow out without it looking like you’re in desperate need of a salon visit.

Highlight techniques to hide regrowth :woman with long smooth look

Happy Hair Painting

Hair painting is a new colouring technique that says goodbye to the trusty foils we’re used to. Here, colour is applied to the hair using a free-hand painting technique. There is no pattern to applying the lighter colour; rather your hair professional applies in it a way that will look the most natural, allowing for softer tones to blend with your virgin hair. It’s great for hiding regrowth and even better for achieving a trendy new look in half the amount of time it takes with foils.

Highlight techniques to hide regrowth :women with black hair balayge

Fabulously Foilyage

Often referred to as an upgraded version of the hair painting look, foilyage is a technique where the colour is painted on the hair, with each of these sections then wrapped in foils. This style is ideal for women with very dark hair, looking for dramatically lighter hair towards the end. Like the techniques above, it involves a transition from dark to light, with the colour gradually becoming lighter before it reaches the lightest tips at the end.

Highlight techniques to hide regrowth : woman with blonde bob ombre

But, Those Babylights

As its name suggests, babylights are super subtle, delicate highlights that mimic the colour seen on children’s hair. The technique is similar to that of the conventional highlighting method, but far less hair is required for each foil. Ideal for blonde-haired women, it makes for a natural sun-kissed look that successfully hides regrowth while accentuating your golden locks.

Highlight techniques to hide regrowth : woman with brown balayge

So, forget tucking your hair into a cap, keeping it tied up, or forking out thousands every month. When done correctly, these alternative highlighting techniques are effective, long-lasting, and perfect for those looking for an easy maintainable hairstyle.

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