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Hair Makeup: The fast, easy colour alternative you’ve been looking for?

16 November 2018
long hair with pink tips
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Those of us not blessed with naturally breathtaking hair colour (and let’s face it, very few are), can often be found longing for that sense of freedom that only something really out of the ordinary can provide.

But then there’s the flip side. No sooner are you done choosing that perfect shade of fiery red, deep purple or unicorn-worthy pink and blue, than the other side of the coin becomes pretty obvious. What about bleach damage? What about dryness and breakage? What will my boss say when I stroll into the office on Monday? And just who’s got the cash to drop thousands on a new hair colour in this economy anyway?

We all know one of those wild makeup girls – all polished to perfection during the week and armed with a million eye-popping and creative looks on the weekends. If only our hair colour could be just as versatile and temporary, right?

Well, girls, your prayers have been answered. Driven by the occasional makeup trend, occasional hair colour is whipping the internet into a colour-fueled frenzy. We’re talking makeup for your hair, and here’s everything you need to know.

Driven by the occasional makeup trend, occasional hair colour is whipping the internet into a colour-fueled frenzy.

Taryn Bloem National Education Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel

So, just what is hair makeup anyway?

It’s all in the name – hair makeup is a non-permanent way to colour your hair for that wild Halloween party or special occasion, and still be back to your naturally gorgeous locks by Monday. And the benefits don’t stop there!

•         Easy and fast application – no gloves required.

•         Allows for radical colour changes to any hair, even the darkest brunettes, with no bleaching.

•         Anti-transfer and washes out easily with regular shampoo.

Just think of the possibilities!


A dusty campground surrounded by thousands of Indie music lovers, is the perfect place to let your freak-flag fly! Try a few dramatic streaks in colours like Feeling Blue or Midnight Fuchsia (both available in the for a hippie-rocker look that’ll stay vibrant all weekend long.

Easy, vibrant, one-time colour for African hair and braids? It’s possible.

pink and blonde hair in a ponytail


Got a hot date with that edgy new hunk in the accounts department? Be unapologetically flirty and fearless by colouring a few sections of your hair with a feminine shade like Dancing Pink and let it all hang loose in a casual pony tail or fishtail braid. 


Time to get loud! Pick the most stand-out shades in the Flash Pro range (we’re loving Mystic Forest, Purple Reign, or Spice is Nice) and let your imagination run wild! Try a sharp side-parting with the colour added only to the roots, or go even more dramatic with a wide, slicked-down stripe of colour.

Vivid colour in a flash! Just like occasional makeup before it, occasional hair lets you switch up your colour as often as you change your mind! Whatever the occasion, you’re free to go as wild as you want – and still be your picture-perfect natural self, come Monday morning.

short pink bob
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