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Hair glosses and hair glazes - your secret weapon for longer-lasting colour?

30 October 2018
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Any girl who likes to mix up her colour every once in a while knows the struggle. No sooner have you sashayed out of your favourite salon, gorgeous, high-intensity colour blowing fabulously in the wind, than that very same colour that’s got you feeling on top of the world starts to fade. A couple of weeks in, and that fiery red is more of a washed-out orange, or that blindingly-beautiful platinum is more on the brassy-side of the scale.

Artificial colour, sadly, is simply not meant to last forever. But a couple of new friends on your local haircare shelves are here to offer you a new weapon against dusty, faded colours. But what exactly are these new hair glosses and glazes that everyone’s talking about, and how do they work?

Hair Glaze

Put simply, a hair glaze is a shine-building treatment that doesn’t only add irresistible luster to your tresses, it also serves to intensify colour through shine! After all, it’s the light bouncing off your hair that makes its colour look so fierce, so a hair glaze helps keep your dye-job brilliantly bright for longer than it otherwise would be.

Some glazes are clear and help make existing colours shine a little brighter, while others might be pigmented for an instant colour-boost between dye-appointments, or for those of us who aren’t ready to commit to a months-long colour change.

Hair glazing only lasts a week or two, though, as this treatment does nothing more than add a gorgeous silky coating to each hair strand to achieve this brilliant shine. Glazes have no ability to penetrate the hair cuticle or to go deeply into the strands themselves and – critically, glazes contain no harmful chemicals like peroxides or ammonia.

Hair Gloss

Unlike glazes, hair glosses generally contain peroxide in their formulation, which gives them the ability to penetrate the cuticle and seep into the hair shaft, where the colour is deposited. While longer-lasting than hair glazes, glosses are still classified as a semi-permanent treatment, and will generally wash out in about 4-6 weeks. 

We know what you’re thinking…

“If they’re only designed to be semi-permanent, what’s the point for a colour-queen like myself?”

Just because they’re not as long-lasting as a full-on bleach-and-dye extravaganza, doesn’t mean glosses and glazes don’t have a spot in your haircare regime! Here are just a few of the reasons to give them a go.

1. They’ll help maintain your colour for longer, saving you serious moolah in the stylist’s chair.
2. They’re a great way to keep colour vibrant while your hair recovers from harsh treatments.
3. A good glaze coats the strands and actually makes hair look thicker and more volumised – great news for you thin-haired gals!
4. At-home glaze products are easy to use on your own. Try a product like Matrix Gloss Sync Ammonia Free Demi Hair Color Gloss for an instant colour and shine pick-me-up.

And of course, as with any hair-colouring, if you’re still at a loss, consult your trusty stylist (or better yet, an expert colourist) and let them know exactly what look you’re after. They’ll be able to tell you if glosses and glazes are right for you, and have the know-how to get it right, every time.
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