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Ditch basic black for the coloured braids trend

17 August 2018
braided bun
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There are so many things to love about braids: the variety of styles, lengths, textures and now, exciting new colours to boot! While we’re not altogether over black braids, we just think the cooler months deserve a pop of colours, to brighten the mood and our look. We’re sure these coloured braids look will be all the you need!

Multi-Coloured Braids

Why stop at one colour when you could have them all! This multi-coloured, or rainbow braid, look is bold, beautiful and perfect for complementing darker skin. You can choose more pastel hair or embrace all things neon. how to style braided hair, you’re going to get noticed.

Multi colour braids

Ombre Braids

Just like you’re used to with natural hair, ombre hair is the transitioning of dark hair to a lighter colour towards the ends. We love this look on braids as it allows for way more colour choices than would ordinarily be available. Just make sure the top shade is always darker than the bottom and you’re A for away!

blue black and white braids

Black and White Braids

The contrast of these two colours creates depth and dimension to an already trendy natural hairstyle. It also perfectly suits the colder months and allows for you to still embrace your . Whether the colours are, or each braid a different colour, it’s a  look that won’t go out of fashion!

braided white ombre

Orange Braids

Choosing an electric colour like orange demands attitude from whoever chooses to embrace it! This pop of colour is bright, bold and beautifully unique! We love that the darker roots are still exposed, creating true contrast between the colours, and that it’s a true reflection of the cooler autumn months.

black and red braids

Green Balayage Braids

Another beautiful nature-inspired colour is emerald green, and it’s an equally awesome colour for braids. We love more of a balayage look where darker braids are still visible among the green, allowing a burst of colour contrast when the sun hits them just right.

braids green

Golden Braids

Golden braids, or a dirty blonde hair, add colour to your hairstyle without it being too overwhelming and are perfect for those looking for more of an understated change. Styling golden braids in a top knot bun is a great way to accentuate its colour while exposing the darker roots too.

black and gold braids

Pastel Pink Braids

We love how much this popular hairstyle colour resembles a tasty milkshake that we’d happily take a giant slurp out of! It’s a beautifully feminine look that accentuates the eyes and complements dark skin but remains truly unique to whoever has chosen to wear it.

black and pink braids

Okay, when it comes to coloured braids, we could clearly go on for days! While you may now be feeling super inspired, don’t be rushing off to do your own home job. If you’re looking to dye your braids, instead of buying ones already coloured, be sure to go to a hair professional. They’ll know how to best apply colour to braids and will have some great tips for the aftercare.

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