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Demi colours - for when you just can't commit

04 October 2018
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When it comes to colour, many women can’t go all the way. Maybe they can’t commit to a permanent change – given the regular upkeep required – or they’re wary of rocking up at work with a blindingly bright shade. 

The latter is especially true in a South African context, where local ladies haven’t quite embraced bold and bright like their overseas counterparts, preferring to keep their colour use more subdued and subtle. Fortunately, demi-permanent colours (AKA demi colours) exist for ladies who are curious about hair dye and want to explore their options in a low-commitment, less invasive way.

Demi colours are a less harsh colouring option because they’re ammonia-free. They work by slightly opening the cuticle so that colour deposits can be absorbed by hair strands. The downside of this gentler approach is that colour doesn’t last as long, and isn’t as vivid as traditional methods, but you’ll still get a good four to six weeks of noticeable tint. Demi colours also work well on both light and dark hair, and are multi-functional – they’re great whether they’re used to enhance natural tones, introduce more nuance to highlights, or hide regrowth.    

Multiple brands are getting on board the “demi train.” One of the biggies to check out is salon-exclusive Matrix ColorSync Watercolors. This range is available in multiple shades, includes a powerful ceramide-enhanced formula to protect hair against damage, and colour results last for up to 20 shampoos. 

Then there’s the newer subrange, ColorSync Vinyls, which is an ideal option for the seasonal shift of winter into spring. Available in 3 shades in line with current “berry” trends – Midnight Violet, Cobalt Blue and Crimson Red – Vinyls can be as bold or subtly muted as you feel comfortable with. 

Stylists will be able to achieve your desired colour intensity with precision. As already mentioned, demi colours are extremely versatile and customisable. And, best of all, you’re never locked down with a look for more than a few weeks. 

Now’s the perfect time to give demi-colours a test-drive. Find your nearest salon here.
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