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Balayage hair colour: The modern girl's highlighting technique?

17 August 2018
Balayage hair colour: The modern girl's highlighting technique
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Gone are the days of cap-and-hook highlights, as we now embrace the era of balayage. This technique, which originates in France, is already decades old but has only just gained international popularity over the past few years.


Balayage highlights are far from a fad that’s due to fizzle out as quickly as it arrived on the global scene. This hair colour inspiration is here to stay. Popular for its softer, more subtle style, balayage highlighting has come to define the contemporary world of hair colour.

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Out with the Old

Cap highlights debuted in the early 1900s and required the use of a perforated cap through which strands of hair were pulled using a steel hook in order to strip or add colour from root to tip while protecting the scalp. The technique adds streaks for a bold contrast that is now considered a little dated. We recommend giving cap highlights a miss and opting for the more subdued look offered by balayage. After all, modern women know the true power of “less is more” when it comes to matters of appearance.

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Understanding Balayage

Put simply, the balayage technique is the freehand painted application of highlights used by colourists to achieve a natural-looking graduated effect that can aid in contouring your face when combined with the right makeup techniques. The con of this game-changing colouring technique, though? It takes slightly longer to process than the cap highlights method, where the hair sits in the open air, allowing for a shorter developing time. In every other way, partial balayage is arguably better. It grows out more naturally, with colour being softer at the root and much lighter at the tips. This means less time in the salon chair and a less strain on your bank balance.


Keen to get on board with balayage? This highlighting technique, albeit for light or dark hair balayage, is not really something you can do on your own. Expert advice on dyeing natural hair this particular way is crucial. Like finding the perfect shade of foundation, achieving perfect hair colour doesn’t come easy. You need a practised colourist with the necessary skills and quality products to get the subtleties of this look right.


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Keen to get on board with balayage? This highlighting technique is not really something you can do on your own. Achieving the multidimensional colour doesn’t come easy and requires a practised colourist with the skills necessary to get its subtleties right. You don’t want to fork out for supplies, only to end up turning heads for the wrong reason due to a bad DIY dye job. For the best hair highlights, use our Salon Locator Tool to find your nearest professional salon and book a colour consultation today!

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