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Babylights vs splashlights: What's the difference?

16 August 2018
Babylights vs splashlights: What's the difference?
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Adding highlights to hair is nothing new. In fact, the stylish women of the Renaissance age were known to use lemon or black sulphur to lighten the hair through sun exposure. Nowadays, we have professional stylists to help us get the shimmering look we’re after.

Whether you want brown hair with blonde highlights or white hair with dark lowlights, you must first carefully consider the various colouring techniques before committing to a look. Gone are the days of cap highlights. The modern world embraces modern processes, and both babylights and splashlights are innovative colouring techniques growing in popularity. But what exactly is the difference between babylights and splashlights? Let’s break it down.


When we use the term ‘babylights’, we are referring to a unique colouring technique where subtle, fine highlights are added in small sections to create a delicate, multidimensional shade that’ll glimmer in the sun. The goal is to look natural, with hair lighter at the crown, slowly transitioning to a darker tone at the. The result is often compared to that of balayage, the freehand painting technique that has also seen a rise in popularity over recent years.


Originating from the popular ombre colouring technique, splashlights are the modern way to add an angelic feel to your personal style. It comprises a single streak of colour moving in a horizontal manner across your mane. This produces a type of glamorous spotlight effect and requires very little upkeep as the hair grows out – making it a great choice for those on a budget.

We asked L'Oreal Professionnel’s Regional Education Developer, Taryn Bloem, which technique works best for different hair textures. She explains, “Babylights are the ideal choice for women with finely textured hair, as the colour is applied in small sections, while splashlights work on any hair type or colour.”

Both are a great choice for African girls, too, especially for longer, relaxed hair, as these subtler highlighting techniques are a good way to add a little vibrancy to jet-black hair without it coming off as unnatural.

Now that you understand the difference between babylights and splashlights, you’ll be better equipped to choose the right colouring technique for your gorgeous locks. If you still have questions, remember to ask a professional with the skills necessary to advise you on your style journey.

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