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Your top 5 must-dos for living with grey hair

23 August 2019
Your top 5 must-dos for living with grey hair: man with grey hair
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In general, grey hair on a senior is considered a sign of wisdom. In African communities, grey hair on a very young person is deemed to be an omen of wealth. So, you see, there are perks to greying early. Yet, even with the apparent wisdom that comes with silver hair, how to best care for your greying hair is not intuitive. We’ve simplified it to the ultimate five must-dos.



Team grey all the way!


Your natural hair is unique. You may start to grey at the temples or get isolated strands of grey that really stand out against your dark ethnic hair. Whatever the case, you can take charge of your grey transition by colouring your grey roots. An ammonia-free, demi-permanent dye like Redken Shades EQ Cover Plus works a treat.



Give your greys some extra lovin’


Unlike pigmented hair, grey and white strands tend to be dry. Depending on your hair condition, you may need to invest in a hydrating shampoo and conditioner as well as light natural oils and serums. This can help you transition away from dull looking hair.


Dark and Lovely recommends that you, “Feed your hair from the inside with a diet rich in omega-3, -6, and -9” for holistic care.



Snip, snip, snip


Many women with grey hair swear that it is more prone to split ends and frizz than pigmented hair. One way to manage this is by snipping it every six to eight weeks. This vital trimming can help to manage split ends and unruly grey hair, thereby helping you to maintain the grey better.

Your top 5 must-dos for living with grey hair: elderly woman with grey hair

No mellow-yellow


It is not uncommon for grey hair to rock a yellowish, orangey or mustardy cast. You can counter this by using anti-yellowing hair care products to keep your grey, silver or white hair as nature intended. L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo works wonders to neutralise tones and dispel unwanted yellowing. It also enhances shine, leaving you with soft, vibrant hair.



Love your hair, greys and all


All things said and done your hair is your crowning glory and worthy of the highest care. Love your hair in its natural state rather than always using expensive products or aimlessly following beauty blogger trends. Find a healthy regime that suits your lifestyle, pocket and values. Stay true to who you are and if ever in doubt, visit a professional stylist for advice.

Your top 5 must-dos for living with grey hair: elderly African woman with short grey hair
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Your top 5 must-dos for living with grey hair: man with grey hair
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