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How often can I dye my hair? An expert answers

17 August 2018
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Hair colouring can be addictive. The change it brings to your appearance and personality makes it so alluring, just like trying an on-trend makeup look or edgy new outfit. While dyeing hair can be an adventure, it also needs a dose of responsibility. Dyeing hair too frequently can cause damage that takes ages to recover from. The key is in the timing – giving your hair enough regrowth time to recover from the ravages of a dye job, especially when there’s bleach involved.

So how long should you wait to try pink lemonade hair, when you just tried that mermaid-blue shade a couple of months ago? We asked Redken’s Richard Nienaber for the rules. “The most common reason that women dye their hair repeatedly, and in quick succession, is a desire to maintain their current hair colour. Alternatively, they’re reapplying due to fading or unsatisfactory results of a prior dye job.”

Maintaining hair colour: Your hair is finally that perfect shade and your highlights are glowing; you want to keep it that way, right? How long is the wait to add more dye for touch-ups? “Well, this mostly concerns the roots,” Richard explains. “Colour tends to fade there first as new hair grows. As a general rule, six to eight weeks strikes a good balance between unsightly regrowth and the damage that can come from over-dyeing. If you apply a product like Redken Colour Extend Bonder to protect your hair colour, you won’t need touch-ups as often and your colour will remain vibrant for longer.”

Time between colouring: If you’re the experimental type and like to go from one dramatic look to the next, try to aim for a four to six week time frame between colouring, to allow your hair to rest and strong new regrowth to appear (you’ll be thankful for this later, as the new growth is less likely to break).Try to extend the time between treatments if you can. The longer the recovery time, the better for your hair. Either way, make sure your hair is in good condition to absorb new colour before your next dye job.

Reapplication: When your hair has come out the wrong shade or the dye hasn’t achieved the intensity you’re after, what do you do? Well, the dye can be reapplied on the same day as your first attempt, in small amounts to areas that need the extra coverage. Key here is to always have your hair coloured by a professional stylist to avoid mistakes and bad dye jobs.

The dangers of too much hair dying: One thing that needs to be understood is that hair dyeing is a chemical process. Excessive exposure to treatments can damage hair to the extent that it becomes difficult or impossible to repair. Overprocessed hair is vulnerable to breakage, high porosity and thinning.

The bottom line? Proceed with caution, and be mindful of time when colouring your hair. The best advice is to consult with a salon expert for an assessment of your hair’s condition – they’ll know how to proceed most effectively with colouring or preparing your hair for colouring.

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