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Considering a colour change for your big day? Everything you need to know

30 October 2018
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We understand weddings are expensive, so perfecting your bridal hairstyle and colour within your budget is the ultimate win-win. There can be little worse than a bad hair day for a bride-to-be, with a hair colour faux pas that may take weeks to correct, and a small fortune to fix!

Our Salon Secret expert, has these important pointers to keep in mind for achieving a range of beautiful bridal hairstyles and a vibrant, healthy hair colour to complement it all:

When to colour?

This depends on the current health of your hair and the length of time you’ve been colouring it. If you’re looking for a colour-correcting treatment for over-processed hair, this could take 6-12 months, and you’ll need to visit a professional salon once every two months to work on a flawless colour finish. 

If your hair just needs a colour refresh, our experts recommend visiting the salon 8-10 days before your big day, which also leaves enough time to make a change if you’re unhappy with the result. If you’re working with a new stylist, you may want to meet with them before this appointment to discuss the look and feel of your wedding, and the best bridal hairstyles and colours to suit your taste. 

Have highlights? The best time to refresh them is 7-14 days ahead of your big day. And if you’re looking to cover up a few pesky greys at the hairline, make sure to visit your hairstylist no more than 3 days before the wedding!  

When to make a change?

 If you’re feeling adventurous and want something a little more drastic in terms of colour for your wedding day, the trick is to do so gradually, beginning the change as early as possible. Aim at kicking off this process at least 4-6 weeks before your wedding day. This will allow you enough time to get acquainted with your new look and experiment with different styles before you decide on your final wedding hairdo. 

Consider the location of your wedding

Remember that hair colour tends to look different in natural lighting. It’s important to let your hairstylist know where your wedding is taking place, the time of day and whether your photos are going to be indoor or outdoor shots. This will help them determine the toning of your hair colour to ensure it looks stunning in all types of lighting! 
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