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Best hairstyles to hide regrowth

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16 August 2019
Best hairstyles to hide regrowth

You need to get your roots touched up, pronto! But you don’t have time for a hair appointment to fix up those highlights, or maybe you’re waiting for payday. Whatever the reason for the delay, regrowth isn’t a good look on anyone.


There are loads of colour-maintenance tips you can follow, of course, but the following styles and tips can help your hair colour regrowth look a little less obvious when you’re stretching out the time till your next visit to the salon.



1. High pony or bun


Piling your hair on top of your head won’t hide the roots, but “it will distract attention away from the hair root and towards the centre point of the style,” says L’Oréal Professionnel Stylist Sonica de Klerk. A bun hairstyle or sleek ponytail are great options, and you can learn how to nail a perfect top knot here.

Best hairstyles to hide regrowth: woman with high ponytail

2. Volume at the roots


If the hair at your parting is too sleek and flat, regrowth is more visible. Create a volumised look that lifts the roots to hide regrowth. You may want to invest in volumising hair powder even.

Best hairstyles to hide regrowth: woman spraying hairspray

3. Curls and waves


The best hair advice here? Don’t style your hair poker straight. Opt for natural waves and enhance the texture with a volumising product. A ‘messier’ style will make regrowth less visible.


Best hairstyles to hide regrowth: curling hair with curling iron

4. Try a zig-zag parting


Any asymmetrical parting where hair falls over the natural part will really minimise the appearance of your dark/light roots.


“Short crops to medium swept bobs are the best for hiding visible regrowth. These shapes are great because the hair can be pushed over partings to create softness,” explains Redken Expert Richard Nienaber.

Best hairstyles to hide regrowth: zigzag hair path

5. A French or Dutch braid


These types of braids look complicated, but they’re actually easy to achieve. Any plaited style is fantastic for masking regrowth in longer hair, as attention is drawn to the braid instead of the roots.

Best hairstyles to hide regrowth: braided hair

6. Accessorise


Hair clips, Alice bands and pretty hair ties all draw attention away from your roots. Headbands and bandannas can even be used as stylish accessories to cover regrowth at the front of your hair completely. Your other strategy is to adopt a striking makeup look that keeps all eyes on your face and below your hairline.


Now that you’ve read this article, browse more popular hairstyles for contemporary, stylish ways to hide that regrowth.
Best hairstyles to hide regrowth: woman with afro and headband
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