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Your perfect new summer hair shade according to your skin tone

20 March 2019
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Thinking of spritzing up your hair colour to celebrate the warmer months? We’ve got the lowdown on how to pick the perfect hair colour based on your skin undertones. These tips will enable you (and your peeps) rock the latest hair colour trends with confidence.



Fair skin tones


Seasonal hair colours and styles for lighter skin tones tend to gravitate towards paler hair colours. This gives you the licence to find out whether blondes really do have more fun. Champagne blonde, platinum, light golden honey and strawberry blondes are just a few of the on-trend shades that bring out your best elements.



Medium skin tones


If your skin tone is neither fair nor dark but is somewhat in the middle, then you can enjoy the latest hair trends in a vast spectrum of shades. If you’re bold enough, you can even go for high-contrast highlights. Hair dye ideas for such skin undertones include, but are not limited to walnut brown, copper, sand and golden caramel.

We’ve got the lowdown on how to pick the perfect hair colour based on your skin undertones.

Hayley Katzer Matrix Regional Education Developer

Olive skin tones


If you have an olive skin tone, then you should consider rich earthy colours with subtle golden highlights. Other shades that look damn good on this skin tone include auburn, chestnut brown, and various shades of brown. Cinnamon is excellent for enhancing your natural warmth and embracing your complexion.



Dark skin tones


When it comes to playing with the hair colour of dark beauties, contrast is king. Experts recommend creating a contrast between your dark skin complexion and your hair. This makes your facial features pop ever so tastefully. If you have deep dark skin tones, then you can go for darker espresso shades. Warmer dark-skinned toned sisters look divine with toffee or mahogany coloured hair.


Your hair colour should always be picked by taking into consideration the complexion of your skin, your personality and the look-and-feel you hope to achieve. There’s more to a hair colour than just whipping out a bottle of dye. Think of how the colour makes you feel. Does it lift your natural skin glow and give you that inner toe-tapping sparkle? If so, then you have most probably found your new hair colour.
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