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Time to dare: 4 rainbow hair dye ideas you’ll love

23 May 2019
Rainbow hair: woman with half topknot updo
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If your hair aesthetic is kaleidoscope, you’ve landed on the right page! Rainbow hair dyes are the ultimate way to make your fantasy of looking like a colourful unicorn a reality. Enrique Lopez, Chilean Redken stylist tells us how, before revealing his favourite inspirational looks you need to see to live life brightly!


What to know before you go rainbow

Rainbow hair is not for the faint-hearted but as you’ll see in the inspo below, there are ways to make it as bold or as subtle as you’d like. Just remember there are some things to consider. “When deciding on rainbow hair, you need to keep skin colour, your dedication to commitment and what best represents your personality in mind. These are important because this style requires lots of care,” advises Lopez. And in case you need a reminder, to achieve rainbow hair, always visit a professional salon. It’s a complicated process, therefore it’s best left to the pros who know exactly how to transform your colour wildly!

To keep your rainbow hair maintained, Lopez suggests using Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner. Created to treat coloured hair, these products can be incorporated into your haircare routine, along with Redken Color Extend Mega Mask, to pack your hair full of the protection it needs to thrive. Now let’s get down to all the looks you need to see to make you join the hair colour train today!


Rainbow hair dye idea 1: Highlight extravaganza

Now this is a lewk if we ever saw one. Multicoloured rainbow hair dye highlights is as bold as they come, without committing to an all over hair colour.  That’s right, by using a highlighting technique, your stylist can retain strands of your natural colour, meaning that you can rock this look whatever your base colour may be. For the brunettes or those with black hair, you’ll need some prelightening or bleach to help the colour shine through if you choose light hues. You can mix it up with the colours you choose, such as sticking to primary colours, or alternating shades of one hue. Your hair is your palette, so get creative with this gorgeous rainbow technique!

Rainbow hair dye idea 2: Colour block

We’re all over this colour-blocked rainbow hair colour! Start by choosing 2 complimentary colours (or 3 or 4 or more) and blocking them in this style, and let your creativity shine. This interesting technique is super chic and super unique, just as your hair should be. Now’s the time to rock rainbow hair dye as your own. 

Rainbow hair dye idea 3: Pastel perfection

Pastel is by far my favourite rainbow hair look, especially when it transitions so easily,” says Lopez. We couldn’t agree with the pro more! Pastel is so complimentary with this style, adding to the overall visual effect while making the colour change look natural. Your stylist can concentrate the darker hue at the roots and then transition as boldly or subtly as you want to complete the look. We recommend shades of red for those looking to embrace their fiery side, or purple for the best aubergine.

Rainbow hair dye idea 4: Pink peekaboo

How’s this for a magic trick? Gorgeous shades of lilac on top, and pretty pink strands underneath! This style is like the gift that keeps on giving, because if you wear a chignon, braids, or even a half up half down do your hair is always going to have that pop of colour! And on the days you’d prefer to just wear one colour, all you need to do is wear your hair down. That’s what we call having the best of both worlds!

Get colourful with these rainbow hair dye ideas!

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