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The latest 2018 trend: Opal hair

23 July 2018
The latest 2018 trend: Opal hair
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Hello opal hair trend, and welcome to 2018 – we are so pleased you could join us. This style is replacing the unicorn craze of 2017 and we couldn’t be happier about it. Like a shimmering opal stone, this is a hair colour trend we can totally get on board with.

But what does going opal involve? We’ll break it down for you.

What do you mean opal hair?

When we speak about “opal hair” we are referring to an ashy, platinum blonde, dusted with shades of metallic pink, peach and purple. It’s a more subtle look than its unicorn-themed predecessor, and is marked by an iridescent shimmer, reminiscent of a dreamy fairy tale.

How is it done?

The first step to achieving the latest in hair colour trends is to strip the hair to a clean platinum blonde, either by pre-lightening (for a brighter blonde) or by making use of heavy highlighting. Following this, there’s the application of colour – a mix of violet-based toners for a unique pearlescent creation that’s sure to turn heads.

But opal hair dye is not something that can or should be purchased off the shelf. If you’re thinking about embracing this trend you had better book an appointment with your stylist for best results.

What about the maintenance?

Perhaps the best part about this all-new hair trend is the minimal maintenance required. As it starts with a platinum blonde base (and the colour is so light), it simply washes out over time to leave you with perfectly toned blonde tresses that will leave your friends green, er, opal with envy.

Iridescent opal is a glamourous trend that moves away from some of the harsher colour trends of 2017. It’s a modern but shimmery style that will see you through the first half of the year – after which a new trend is likely to hit the headlines.

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