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The edgiest approaches to two-tone colour

23 April 2019
The edgiest approaches to two-tone colour: woman with blonde hair and two-tone colour
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We’re all for natural highlights… but sometimes you want just a little more pop, right? OK, a lot more pop! So, why should you stick to variations of just one shade, when you can turn heads with edgy, look-at-me two-tone hair colour?


Two-tone hair is all about making an impact - nothing understated about this look. Generally speaking, it works best with fashion colours, although you can also pull it off with natural shades that offer high contrast.


There are a few ways that you can wear two-toned hair, some of them subtler than others.


Half and half hair colour


Are you fierce and fearless? Then ask your stylist to part your hair down the middle and dye each side a completely different colour. The bigger the contrast, the better the look. You’ll turn heads but bear in mind this look is a commitment and the regrowth is tricky to maintain.


Try auburn and platinum blonde, sugary pink and blue, or black and cherry red.

The edgiest approaches to two-tone colour: woman with purple and pink hair

Coloured bottom layers


This is a superb way to get two-toned hair that’s also work-friendly. Keep the top layers of your hair natural, but dye the hair underneath a shocking and vivid colour. The colour is easy to hide, but you can show it off by wearing it up and away from your neck when you’re not in the office. Another benefit is that any regrowth is covered by the top layers of hair, so it’s easy to maintain.


Blonde hair with hot pink layers looks great, as does dark brown or black combined with electric blue.


High contrast ombre


Ombre hair is definitely here to stay, and it’s the perfect technique for two-toned hair. Traditionally, ombre is done with darker roots and lighter ends - but you can reverse this for an edgy look.


Try turquoise shadow roots blended to natural brown tips, or black hair fading to deep crimson. If you want two-toned hair but not feeling very brave, a chocolate brown to ash blonde ombre provides contrast that’s still within the range of natural hair colour.


Two-toned hair isn’t something you can achieve yourself at home if you want it to look flawless and professional. Visit your salon and speak to your stylist about the best colour and technique to suit your skin tone and hair type.


The edgiest approaches to two-tone colour: woman with brown and blonde hair
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