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The best hair colour variations to rock in the month of love

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12 February 2019
Caucasian woman with pink hair

There are basically two types of people on Valentine’s Day: those who avoid all mention of this love-themed celebration like the plague, and those who go all out to celebrate their luuurrrve, regardless of whether they’re single, taken or somewhere in-between.

If you’re the latter, then our pinked-themed colour ideas are just what you need to get your heart racing. If you’re the former, well, maybe we can help soften your heart with a little romance in the form of amazing eye-catching hair!


Think pink!

Okay girls, Valentine hair in hues of pink is perhaps a stereotype, but we just love it. There are so many shades to choose from - baby pink to bright cerise - that you’re bound to find something to suit your style.

If you’re nervous about taking the plunge with a full head of pink hair (or maybe your workplace is too conservative for out of the ordinary colour) speak to your stylist about semi-permanent options. You can highlight just a few strands with the palest pink for a subtle effect that’s still right on-trend.


Pastel candy pink

If you have naturally blonde hair, then this is a shade you can easily pull off. If you have darker hair, your stylist may struggle to lift the colour enough to apply pale pink hair dye. Candy pink hair is utterly delectable, and as a bonus, the colour will fade pretty quickly, so you’re not stuck with it forever.

Caucasian woman with short pink hair and braids

Rose gold and sunset ombre

Rose gold hair has been a trend for a while, but it’s not going anywhere soon. Anyway, we think that the soft shimmer of rosy pink locks is one of the most romantic hairstyles ever. If you’re after something a little bolder, ask your stylist to deepen the colour to a sunset ombre in copper and fuchsia.


Graphic heart undercut

Want something seriously edgy, that can also be subtle and work-friendly? Ask your stylist to shave a heart-shaped undercut at the nape of your neck, and colour it bright pink. You can pull your hair into a high pony to show off your cut when you want to, but it’s super-easy to cover with a low bun.


Hot pink

If you’re going pink, why not go all out with bright colour? Vibrant shades of fuchsia, cerise and fluorescent pink make for magnificent Valentine’s Day themed hair that’s sure to get you noticed!

African woman with long pink hair
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