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The appeal of acid shades and how to achieve them

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31 October 2018
The appeal of acid shades and how to achieve them : woman with long deep red hair
Whether you know these super-bright, eyeball-searing shades as electric, acid, neon or dayglow, this is the colour trend dominating the international scene at the moment. It remains to be seen how common these harsher hues will become in South Africa, given our more conservative tastes in colour, but it’s definitely something to pencil on your list of “Looks to try,” especially as the outdoor music festival season swings around. Here’s why. 

Pastel and metallic shades are cool and all, but neon-bright hues are for women who want to really stand out – and maybe feel a bit like an edgy anime heroine. There’s no hiding or toning down this look. Then again, why would you want to? If you’ve been paying attention to beauty trends, the 90s is back with a bang – reflecting in makeup, fashion and hair. Neon and unnatural shades were part of that Era’s punk-grunge movement (at least for women), so they’re definitely on point today. If you’re bold enough to go ultra-bright, that is.

No surprise, but for such electric hair shades to shine their brightest, they need a pale base. In other words, if you’re dark-haired, expect the bleach to come out (possibly multiple times) to achieve these colours. It’s possible to go neon at home but given the intense preparation required before the colouring even begins, it’s a good idea to turn to professionals for true peace of mind – and seamless colour that looks its shiny, vibrant best.

At the salon you’ll probably find your stylist using a product like Matrix ColorSync. While you won’t be able to accomplish sour yellows and greens, the Matrix ColourSync Vinyls sub-range is available in intense blue, red and purple, which is in line with 2018’s love for berry hues.

There are many ways to play with acid hair and if you don’t want to colour your natural locks, there’s always weaves. If you’re keen to colour but scared to commit your whole head, don’t. Speak to a colourist about just turning the tips of your strands neon, or achieving a subtler ombre effect, where your natural hair transitions to its neon equivalent at the ends.

Now that you know what’s possible, give acid hair a go. 
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