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Stylists are Dye-ing to help you with that Grey Hair Dilemma

09 March 2018
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Breaking out the dye at the first sign of grey hair used to be a rite of passage for any woman, but times are changing – and changing fast. Grey hair has long been a sign of distinction and dashing good looks for older gentlemen – and now, empowered black women are stealing centre stage. Whether you choose to rock your greys or discreetly dye them out of existence, here are a few things you should know.

Understanding the greying process

Cells at the base of the hair follicle – known as the bulge – produce pigment that is passed along to other cells that produce keratin, the primary protein that constitutes hair. As the years roll on by, your hair’s pigment-producing cells become less and less active. Consequently, hair begins to lighten, and eventually your store of pigment runs dry. With pigment no longer being deposited into the keratin, strands turn white, mixing in with your still-black hair to create that salt-and-pepper look.

Option 1: dye it

Dyeing is a great shortcut back to a full head of perfect colour – but keeping it looking vibrant (and convincing) means you’ll have to look after your hair even more carefully. Heat styling wreaks havoc on your dye job, leading to faster fading and more frequent (and expensive) trips to the salon for touch-ups. Make sure you use a heat protectant, such as Mizani’s Thermastrength® Heat Protecting Serum, to nourish and protect coloured hair from the damaging effects of curling, straightening and styling, and make your colour look better for longer.

Option 2: embrace it

As more and more women embrace the Natural Hair Movement, there’s never been a better time to commit to ageing gracefully with a head of proudly silver curls. It may seem like the low-maintenance option, but without the trickery of dye, you’ll need to make sure your haircare regime is professionally formulated for your hair type and specific conditions, to keep it looking its best in its most natural state. Diet, lifestyle, and the quality of the products you use will mean the difference between success and failure, so make sure you look after yourself!

Greying is a part of life – but it doesn’t have to mean the death of your fierce signature look. Whether you choose to dye it or go full silver-foxy, your hair is entering a life stage that needs specialised care to keep it looking its best. A professional stylist can offer guidance in terms of what your hair needs to remain healthy and shiny, helping to ease the transition to proudly grey tresses.

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