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Silver foxy! How to turn natural hair this striking shade

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09 March 2018

Once upon a time, grey hair was to be avoided at all costs. Spot a white hair, whip out the dye. Over the past few years, though, attitudes to silver shades have changed. And just because you have a head of super-curly hair, it doesn’t mean you’re excluded from the craze. It’s a lot of work, but going silver IS possible.

Nowadays, more and more women are coming out as “grey and proud” embracing the authenticity and freedom that comes with grey tresses. When those first few strands of grey appear, many feel that embracing and going full silver is now an option. Dr Anthony Oro, professor of dermatology at Stanford University, says, “Fifty percent of the population has about 50% gray hair at age 50." This is termed the 50-50-50 rule, and indicates that sooner or later, we will all have some percentage of grey hair with which to contend.

The process of going silver

If you’ve got a few natural greys and are thinking of going silver, gaining some understanding of the process before you make the big leap is important. Natural ethnic hair must first be stripped of its colour using peroxide, this step is followed by the application of a toner, and then the dye itself. A moisturising treatment is necessary after stripping and dyeing, as your hair is likely be dry and in need of hydration.

As Mashudu Netshidzivhani, Mizani education developer, explains, “Even when you receive a colour treatment at a salon, with professionals overseeing the process, your hair is being put under strain as its cuticle is opened, and the cortex exposed so that colouring agents can alter hair’s natural melanin quotient. Hair is weakened and you need to compensate for that or risk breakage and other signs of damage. For professional products that replenish lost moisture, soften and strengthen, I’d recommend the ultra-hydrating Mizani Moisturfusion® system, which has been specially made for natural, relaxed and colour-treated hair.”

Aftercare tips and tricks

Metallic dyed hair looks best when the colour is fresh. Following these tips and tricks will help you with upkeep and maintenance:

  • Keep shampooing to a minimum, and when you do wash, use a quality product designed to protect colours for longer, such as award-winning Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-free Shampoo, which seals in moisture and supports your new shade.
  • Deep moisturising treatments work wonders for your hair, especially after being dried out by the harsh bleaching process. Something like the already-mentioned Mizani Moisturfusion® Silk Cream Conditioner provides deep moisturisation from root to tip and will keep your hair soft and sleek while limiting breakage due to dryness. Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Replenishing Hair Mask and Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion are also intense rejuvenators, infused with natural ingredient megastar Amla oil.
  • Avoid heat styling where possible, and try to stay out of the sun. Heat styling can cause fading of your gorgeous silver tone, and UV radiation from sunlight is known to have a similar effect over time.

Going silver comes with certain challenges – from daily upkeep to the correct application of safe products, there is a great deal to consider. If you decide to go silver, the wise decision is to visit a salon and seek out the help of a professional who has the skill necessary to give you the hairdo of your dreams.

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