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Shades of red for you to try

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25 March 2019
African woman with red hair

Red velvet

At first glance you may confuse this one with wine-red hair. The difference is that this cool shade – named after the cupcake – doesn’t veer into purple territory. It’s a dark red, one or two steps outside of natural-looking. Go red velvet if bright red is too much for you but you still want to express an unconventional spirit.



This earthy-but-warm shade is for ladies who prefer a more natural-looking red. Cinnamon is gorgeous and its dominant medium-brown tones make it a better fit for conservative workplaces. Experiment with the amounts of copper and red in this mix to dial the energy up and down.


Restricted red

What are we talking about? Basically, with this option you limit the application of red to a few key areas, such as your tips and ends (ombre is especially recommended). No less striking than a full head of red, this option veers from playful to edgy depending on your choice of hue and placement.


Once you’ve made up your mind, it’s time to talk to the experts so that you can realise your hair colour dream in a way that’ll fit perfectly with your lifestyle. Find your nearest pro colourist here.
Also, there’s the issue of what will work best in a South African context, where our colour tastes tend to be more subdued and conservative.

Julie Rimmer Matrix and Biolage National Education Manager

Once you’ve decided if red hair is the right choice for you, the next step is to settle on which of the many red hues is perfect for your personality, and the style message you wish to convey. Also, there’s the issue of what will work best in a South African context, where our colour tastes tend to be more subdued and conservative. Here are five flattering and on-trend options for dark-skinned beauties to consider.


Bright red

Reserved for the bold and the brave, this intense, primary shade looks like it came straight out of an after-school cartoon. If you really want to stand out, this is the colour option for you. It’ll contrast nicely with your skin tone but also work to brighten your complexion overall.


Wine red

One of the biggest colour trends to emerge during 2018 was a shift to dark berry shades infused with purple in varying degrees. Wine, and the similar burgundy, are fantastic hue options for women with olive to dark complexions. The colour is deep, multi-dimensional and will see you nicely into autumn.

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