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Satisfy your sushi craving with this striking hair colour

28 March 2019
Sushi coloured hair: woman with salmon pink hair colour
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Time for a yummy new hair colour? Salmon sushi hair is the latest shade that’s trending on Instagram, and we have to say it’s just as delicious as our favourite Japanese snack!


Salmon sushi hair is a pastel coral


Salmon sushi hair gets its name from that delicate shade of pink you find in, you guessed it, salmon sushi! But it’s not quite pink. Nor is it peach, or rose gold, or champagne. It has more pink undertones than peach or tangerine hair, but the addition of yellow dye to the mix makes it distinctly different from traditional pink hair.


Salmon sushi hair is right on trend with 2019’s colour of the year, Living Coral - but the subtle, pastel version.


Salmon coloured hair is achieved through a mix of rose gold, pink, yellow and orange hair dyes. While some shades like starburst hair blend pink, orange and yellow dyes with an ombre effect, salmon sushi is applied as a solid colour over hair that has been lifted with bleach.

Salmon coloured hair is achieved through a mix of rose gold, pink, yellow and orange hair dyes.

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Who can wear salmon sushi hair?


Most fashion hair colours require bleaching the hair first, to lift out the natural colour or any previous hair dyes. The colour works best on hair that can be lifted to a very light blonde. If you have dark hair that only lifts to an orange shade, your stylist can use less yellow and orange dye to achieve a deep coral colour.


However, it is difficult to get a light salmon pastel result if you have dark hair. Also bear in mind that the darker your hair, the more damage the bleach will cause, and you’ll need to use nourishing products to maintain softness and shine.


If you’re into fashion hair colours, and looking for something unusual or unique, salmon sushi is one of those colours you’ve got to try.


Applying bright fashion hair colour isn’t something you should do at home. Speak to your stylist if you want to make a major hair colour change - they always give the best advice!

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