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Rose gold braids are everything right now

31 August 2018
Rose gold braids are everything right now : woman with pink hair braids
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The migration from basic black braids to coloured braids is an exploding trend that shows no signs of slowing down. You’ve seen the fantasy gold and silver makeup trends that accessorise your best features, and the bright pink hairstyles around town, but now the coloured braid trend is reaching a more mature stage with increasingly sophisticated colours.


Enter rose gold. In the world of braids, this jewel-like colour is formed by combining hairpieces that are between auburn red and golden brown. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for how to rock this glam colour.


Twisted braids kept in a short bob style in rose gold make for a stunning, classier look. When twists are shorter, they are also easier to maintain and wash, which will help prevent the biggest problem: unravelling. To keep your twists intact, use Mizani Scalp Care Calming Lotion. This is a great product to use when you don’t want to risk unravelling your hair while you deep-cleanse your scalp. Rather like body makeup, we consider this scalp calming lotion to be a secret weapon to spruce up your twists.


African woman with adorned braids

Box braids

This one’s for the style-conscious cool kids obsessed with inches’ culture and dying to be seen. The thickness and holding strength of box braids allow for longer, dramatic and flowing braids. The application will also hide your dark roots making this look more evenly coloured. Enjoy creating giant buns and elaborate tower styles.

Box braids


If you don’t want a full head of colour, a two-tone colour strategy such as ombre is a great option to consider. The hairpiece is black from the tips to mid-shaft and the rest is rose gold. Crochet braids are a popular style for ombre, especially for natural hair advocates who prefer a more naturally-textured hairpiece. The ombre hairstyle will come alive with top knot styles where your base is black while your bun is a beautiful rose gold twist.


There are many ways to wear such hairstyles, depending on your hairpiece or braids of choice and how boldly the rose gold hair colouring shines through. Black is, of course, beautiful – but with this delicious-looking metallic colour available, who wouldn’t want to look like they’re sporting a crown of pure rose gold?


Spoilt for choice? Visit a professional stylist! They’ll be able to advise what style best suits you and even better ways to maintain the look.

African woman with orange blonde afro
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