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Reach for your shades because these colours are blinding

04 October 2018
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Extremely vibrant hair colours are all the rage overseas! From bright bubblegum blues through to punchy and powerful pinks, there’s almost no shade on the spectrum that hasn’t been adopted and worked into people’s strands. Sure, some of the livelier hues may seem over-the-top or unnecessary, but there’s no escaping the fact that there’s an undeniable beauty and charm to them. 

Want to embrace this striking colour trend and brighten up your life with a bold change? Do it with any of the following hair dye suggestions – all of which scream personality and character. 

Sunny Yellow

With this colour in your locks, summer will feature in your life all day, every day. Pair it with sunnies to really heat things up.
shocking yellow hair

Perfect Purple

Are you a calm person with a fiery side? Show it with purple – the perfect combination of blue and red in one gorgeous shade.
shocking purple hair

Glorious Green

Who says green doesn’t work as a hair colour? It’s a tricky hue to pull off, to be sure, but it can be done. Manage it just right, and you’ll make the world green with envy.
light greenish hair

Tantalising Turquoise

 If you’re looking for something energetic and fun, look no further than this colour. Turquoise sticks out like a sore thumb, but for all the right, beautiful reasons.
shocking blue hair
What’s even better about the above, and other bright hair colours, is that they can be mixed and matched to create truly unique looks. Think that this sort of appearance is just a tad too blinding for your liking, though? You can still explore the hair trend in a toned-down way.

Whatever you decide to do, Matrix Color Sync Ammonia-Free Demi-Color is the perfect salon-exclusive range to start with. It features the likes of blended natural, vinyl, watercolor, and other variants, meaning there’s no shortage of options to choose from. As always though, a trip to your favourite salon is recommended – to ensure that the right colours are chosen, and that application is aced. Stylists want to get you looking lovely like a rainbow, not a kaleidoscope disaster.
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