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Put some spring in your hair with bright highlights

02 October 2018
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We’re coming out of a winter, where rich browns and berry shades featured strongly in terms of both hair and makeup trends. As it turns out though, those same versatile tones can carry your look through the transitioning months, with a little brightening up. So, dark-haired ladies, prepare to go from dim to dazzling for spring onwards – and have a little fun in the process.

Very berry is beautiful

2018 is the year of Ultra Violet,and as already noted, shades of purple, plum and violet have seeped into the year’s beauty trends. To bring it boldly (or even subtly) into spring, balayage is your best bet in terms of technique. Another contemporary option is the colour melt – a careful blending of highlight shades (in this case, purples) with your base colour so the transition appears completely seamless. With the perfect colour melt, an onlooker should struggle to work out where the browns end, and the purples begin.

Sweeten things up with caramels

Stark blonde highlights are so 2002. That said, a sun-kissed look for brunettes is definitely still in fashion. For something unusual, but not overpowering, you may want to look at peanut butter and jelly hair, or some variation thereof.Like the sandwich spread with the same name, PBJ combines purples and browns by mixing balayage highlights and lowlights. This colour combination works surprisingly well, but it’s the caramel that really stands out on chocolate locks if you’re looking for a single colour option to explore.

Do it with demi colours

Another option to consider is demi-permanent colour. [link to June article 5.18.11. Demi colours - for when you just can't commit…) Although they’re not technically highlights, demi colours are a great way to introduce seasonal shades to your locks on a non-permanent basis. Best of all, they work as well on dark hair as light, and combined strategically with lightener products, subtle, shimmery lowlight effects can be achieved. Speak to your stylist about salon-exclusive Matric ColorSync Vinyls and what can be accomplished with this range of blues, red and purples.

Although bright pastel, rainbow and even metallic shades continue to rule internationally, South Africa is still more conservative in terms of hair colour. These highlight and colour ideas will help you stun, but subtly – which is just right for the local context.
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